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Hamptons to JFK and LGA Sprinter Service

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Hamptons Sprinter bus service to JFK, LGA and all major airports

East Wind Limousine’s Sprinter services are essential when traveling in groups to and from major NYC airports such as JFK and LGA. A simple to use airport transportation service for tourists and companies in need of dependable transit to JFK or LGA in a calm, clean and relaxed atmosphere. We provide shuttle vans, shuttle buses and sprinter vans to simplify the traveling process while ensuring adequate space for luggage, other passengers and travelers.

Sprinters are a fantastic alternative to an entire fleet of cars, which can become costly and wasteful in cost and time. A dependable Sprinter bus can easily be reserved for fast transit to and/or from common destination points such as airports like LGA and JFK. A shuttle bus can be the best choice of vehicle for large groups of people or a party too large to fit into a shuttle van. These vehicles are perfect for airport travelers seeking safe transit that is relaxing with plenty of spare room for personal belongings and more travelers. Instead of a more expensive and extravagant party bus, a shuttle bus provides the same space and comfort without the unprofessional atmosphere not suitable for airport transit.

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Another preferred option for quick JFK and LGA transit is shuttle vans, which are similar to shuttle busses, though smaller in size with less room than a shuttle bus. Shuttle vans are perfect for small parties seeking speedy airport drop-off, pick-up, and fast transportation. Shuttle vans provide a relaxing, compact and inexpensive way to tour the main New York airports such as JFK and LGA without the excessive costs of taxis, parking, and gas, as all of these expenditures are covered in one flat payment.

Sprinter vans, shuttle buses, and shuttle vans are how groups of people travel to the major airports in New York. These vehicles are more spacious than taxi cabs and can be rented for cheap while providing customers with ease, simplicity, comfort and peace of mind. We are committed to fast arrival and departure times. Also, parties of people traveling together in one vehicle speeds up time and is less expensive than a flight of luxury vehicles or standard cabs. Our shuttle vans and shuttle buses are maintained in pristine condition paired with drivers cognizant of the fastest routes of passage. Our selection of buses and shuttle vans are kept clean and have been designed for quick and easy transportation for parties, and are the primary choice of transit for tourists and travelers traveling from the hamptons to JFK or LGA

SLIDE2East Wind Limousine is committed to providing our clients with shuttle vans, shuttle buses and sprinter vans for those traveling to and from the NYC airports. Our drivers ensure a safe and comfortable ride that is affordable and convenient. Our vast selection of vehicles can be rented for inexpensive and will provide you and your party with peace of mind. Also, parties travel for far less when renting a spacious vehicle. Our vans and buses are also pristine, spacious and arrive timely, accompanied by drivers that understand the fastest routes to your destination.